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Cypherpunk: Past, present and future Option Plus Podcast with Juraj Bednar

A look into cypherpunk’s history, goals, current status, and possible futures. Cypherpunks are individuals who build the technologies for the strategy of cryptoanarchy. This strategy involves using cryptographic tools to enhance personal liberty in everyday life, without waiting for systemic changes. I explain how cypherpunks have worked on cryptographic primitives to enable private communication, censorship […]
  1. Cypherpunk: Past, present and future
  2. Bitcoin Finance with 10101, Firefish – How to harness the value of Bitcoin without having to sell it
  3. Nutband – a post fiat apocalypse Cashu client working over Reticulum
  4. Welcome to the Dark Forest – a pathway to resistance
  5. Cypherpunk visions and trends 2023-2025 at Pizza Day
  6. How peer to peer over-the-counter dealers return crypto to its cypherpunk roots
  7. How privacy, electronic cash and cypherpunk tech increase our freedom?
  8. The future of lightning-powered trustless finance with Philipp from 10101
  9. Financial surveillance and utopian Bitcoin future
  10. Optionality, navigating uncertainty, harnessing volatility and freedom


Option Plus Podcast with Juraj Bednar
Option Plus Podcast with Juraj Bednar
Juraj Bednar

Option Plus podcast is your tool to growing freedom, biohacking, life improvement and cryptocurrencies. Hosted by Juraj Bednar.


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