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Hack yourself!

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Option Plus Podcast

Option Plus Podcast

The podcast for increased optionality, liberty, cryptocurrencies and life hacking.


Talks and interviews about various topics.

Online courses

Firefox setup for better privacy

Online course to help you regain more privacy while browsing the web.

Lightning network for private bitcoin payments among friends and for products and services

Online course that helps you to start using lightning network for instant and cheap Bitcoin payments.

Freedom Map

Help us define where people lack freedom and what to focus on in our mission to increase freedom in the world!

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Learn more about cryptocurrencies, AI, better life, etc. There’s also Slovak blog.

About me

Who am I and how can I help you. Also learn about my personal philosophy and how I am showing up in the world in OptionPlus manifesto.

Latest posts

  • In part 1, I explained why encrypted messengers are important. In this part, we will look at particular messengers and compare them. Signal Let’s start with probably the most well-known and widely used […]
  • Recently, there have been some fairly major improvements in the encryption of our communications. Virtually all websites have switched to encrypted communication using the https protocol. If we go to an unencrypted site, […]
  • The best way to support the local crypto economy is to create a local small-world network. If you want to buy bitcoin for $100, your best bet is to get hold of someone […]
  • When Buckminster Fuller was asked by a student during a lecture about the possibility of becoming an astronaut, he replied: “You don’t understand, you’ve been an astronaut for a long time. We are […]
  • Many of you know the problem – you run a Raspberry Pi under your desk, which closes your window blinds, takes care of your photos and monitors the humidity of your house. And […]

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