Cypherpunk visions and trends 2023-2025 ebook


A short ebook with an optimistic cypherpunk vision



Cypherpunks are a global community that believes in using cryptographic technologies to enhance human cooperation, protect against coercion, and improve the human condition. This book explores the challenges and future potential of these technologies, as well as other trends that could shape our future. Topics include Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, Monero, no-code app development, open-source artificial intelligence, decentralized energy, new social networks, anonymity engineering, and more. The book also delves into emerging lifestyles such as van nomadism, digital nomads, and perpetual travel. Ultimately, the book aims to provide a path forward in a chaotic and volatile world, asking how we can thrive in such an environment.

This is a short ebook (in epub and mobi formats) about trends and visions for the future.

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