Firefox setup for better privacy (online course)


An online course about improving your privacy by using Firefox browser with some extensions.



Slovenská verzia tu

In this mini-course, you will learn how to tune Firefox to make it faster and, most importantly, to keep your privacy while using the web.

The Internet – and especially the web – is a place where people are used to the fact that almost everything is free. Thanks to this, internet services monetize something else – our attention. In order to do it effectively, they are constantly watching us to know what content to show us – whether it should be an advertisement for a hair shampoo or a luxury car. Using the Internet without being tracked is not easy, but it starts by tuning your browser.

In this course, we’ll walk you through installing and configuring Firefox extensions for better security and privacy. As a bonus, we will have a nicer Internet with fewer ads and it will load faster.

This course is about the desktop version of Firefox, not mobile browsers.