Financial surveillance and utopian Bitcoin future

In this episode of OptionPlus podcast, I will take you on a ride from tax havens through financial surveillance to crypto-utopistic new order.

As a kid, I have read books about off-shore tax havens as one would read an adventure novel. This world is almost gone thanks to FATCA and other means of financial surveillance. What changed? Are we are transitioning to a new order? Building on our experience with starting Paraleln√° Polis and running several businesses, I will explain the problems of surveillance state in financial sector and how we can sustain running a business and personal life mostly on cryptocurrencies and liberating technologies. What to do with volatility? What if crypto goes down? How do we escape the surveillance apparatus, reclaim our freedom, have fun and make money doing so? We have no time to waste in reforming the old linear governmental structures, let’s terraform a parallel exponential crypto universe together, today!

This is a recording of my 2019 talk on the topic.

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