Strategies for liberation here and now (with Max Hillebrand pt2)

Pack your revolutionary banners and hide your “civic disobedience” weapons. And definitely don’t join a political party. Reformation and revolution are both obsolete and very slow ways towards more freedom. So what shall we do instead? With Max Hillebrand, we continue our last conversation about first principles of liberty and in this conversation, we talk about strategies for freedom here and now. Agorism, Parallel Polis, Vonu, Second Realm, TAZs, Cryptoanarchy. “…and in various ways they are combined…” as my favourite song that shall go unnamed says. Speaking of songs, we also talk about very interesting musical inspiration. So dive in!


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Option Plus Podcast with Juraj Bednar
Option Plus Podcast with Juraj Bednar
Juraj Bednar

Option Plus podcast is your tool to growing freedom, biohacking, life improvement and cryptocurrencies. Hosted by Juraj Bednar.


Podcast created and produced by Juraj Bednar.
Title song by suonho, used under CC-BY license.

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