How peer to peer over-the-counter dealers return crypto to its cypherpunk roots

In this episode, I take listeners on a deep dive into the world of peer-to-peer over-the-counter trading, referencing the historical veksláks of former Czechoslovakia. Delving into the mounting regulatory pressures faced by cryptocurrency users, I shed light on politically sensitive questions popping up even in ordinary transactions. Instead of lobbying, I put forward a peer-to-peer approach, underscoring the significance of proxy merchants and the revival of veksláks to facilitate transactions sans personal information disclosure.

I underline that to genuinely uphold privacy and sovereignty – two core values of cryptocurrencies like Monero and a basic value of cypherpunks – users need to focus on private and secure acquisition methods, not just transactional security. Taking inspiration from the structure of pot dealers, who operate effectively even in highly regulated spaces, I offer insights into how the same peer-to-peer structure can be beneficial for the crypto community.

For those keen on establishing their trading groups, I recommend secure messaging platforms. The episode also touches on the unique opportunities arising from demand and supply imbalances in crypto groups. I delve into hedging techniques with futures and stablecoins, highlighting their respective risks and rewards.

Throughout the episode, I stress the essential role of crypto as a societal backup memory of good deeds of society, and the pivotal role veksláks play in guarding against overreaching regulations.

Finally, I introduce listeners to valuable resources like the Vexl app and some recommended reading. Don’t forget to check out my book, “Cryptocurrencies Hack Your Way to a Better Life” – use the discount code provided in the episode!


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