Cypherpunk: Past, present and future

A look into cypherpunk’s history, goals, current status, and possible futures. Cypherpunks are individuals who build the technologies for the strategy of cryptoanarchy. This strategy involves using cryptographic tools to enhance personal liberty in everyday life, without waiting for systemic changes. I explain how cypherpunks have worked on cryptographic primitives to enable private communication, censorship resistance, anonymity, electronic cash, decentralized file sharing, permissionless social networks, and more.

I talk about the importance of anonymity in increasing personal freedom by detaching physical actions from identities that can be targeted. We celebrate the progress made in utilizing cypherpunk technologies and acknowledge the revolutionary impact of projects like Bitcoin. Bitcoin has become a significant reserve asset globally (number 6!).

I discuss the remaining challenges facing the cypherpunk movement, such as the need for truly private peer-to-peer markets, improved reputation mechanisms, better coordination, and a shift towards prioritizing anonymity over mere privacy. Additionally, building “pipes” between different cypherpunk technologies, like the old school unix pipe.


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